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A book of hope and support for parents navigating
grief and heartache after the loss of a baby any stage of pregnancy or in infancy. You can purchase a copy via this website or donate a copy to be given to a bereaved parent leaving hospital or via Gidget Foundation Australia.

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Written by Annabel Bower after her 4th child Miles was stillborn.

Miles Apart is an immediate source of comfort, guidance and solidarity during a deeply distressing time. The loss of a baby is heartbreaking, lonely and overwhelming. By sharing her story Annabel hopes to help others enduring similar grief, open up much needed conversation about baby loss and end the deafening silence which often follows.

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The Miles Apart Foundation has been created to support those who experience the loss of a baby at any stage of pregnancy or in infancy. It aims to raise awareness of the emotional impact of baby loss and help reduce the silence which often follows. Baby loss can be a lonely path but it's one which should not be walked alone.

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