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I will walk 500 miles - you can walk 500 more!

500 Miles – a campaign to raise funds and awareness for baby loss and the devastating impact it has on 1000’s of parents every day. Sadly 6 babies are stillborn every day in Australia and thousands more are lost to miscarriage.

I am challenging myself to walk 500 miles in 5 months and invite you to walk 500 more!

For each mile I walk I’m seeking sponsorship of $20 with a fundraising goal of $10,000.

The Miles Apart Foundation is a registered not-for-profit, so all donations are tax deductable. Funds raised will help us distribute copies of the support book Miles Apart Australia wide through hospitals and the Gidget Foundation - Australia's leading perinatal health service.

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Creating awareness of the impact of baby loss


The Miles Apart Foundation is a registered charity which aims to increase awareness of the emotional impact of baby loss and support those who endure it by distributing the book 'Miles Apart' to hospitals around Australia

In Australia each day, 6 babies are born still and 2 infants pass away, making the annual total more than double that of the national road toll. Additionally over 100,000 Australian women endure miscarriage, translating to a quarter of all pregnancies not ending in a live birth.

These somber statistics result in thousands of heartbroken parents. The joy and anticipation of welcoming a child is immediately lost along with many hopes and dreams for the future. 

As common as baby loss may be, to each individual it can be a harrowing and devastating experience. Studies have shown that in the year following baby loss women are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts. These women are our sisters, mothers, friends and co-workers; they need our support, compassion and understanding. 

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Many women leaving hospital with empty arms are completely bewildered and blindsided by their loss. We hope the book Miles Apart will be an immediate source of comfort, guidance and solidarity during a deeply distressing time. Our goal is to distribute donated copies of Miles Apart around Australia.

If you would like to help us achieve our goal we welcome donations of any amount and also welcome support distributing the books through official partnerships. Books will be allocated to hospitals and other support services to be given to bereaved parents. At this stage we cannot distribute books on an individual basis however the book can be purchased in bookstores and directly through the Miles Apart website.

Monetary donations are tax deductible. 

Books purchased through the Miles Apart Shop are not tax deductible as they are deemed a product. 

Disclaimer - Annabel Bower is both the author of Miles Apart and founder of  the Miles Apart Foundation. Books purchased by the foundation are sourced at cost / print price. Books purchased by individuals to be distributed by the foundation are sold at RRP. 

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